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Powertools for IBM i

(System i, iSeries, AS400)

Projex4i Powertools extend the IBM i operating system, by enhancing some IBM commands and replacingothers -- it's designed to make life easier for every developer, operator and user of the IBM i Power System.

Why use Projex4i?

Over 160+ Successful Projects and Still Counting

IBM AS400 AS/400

PGMRAID AS400 (1990-1996)

Born on the System/38, this was a collection of QUSRTOOL-like utilities. With the launch of the IBM AS/400 the toolkit quickly evolved to fill holes in the software development life cycle. File editing utilities, debugging tools and source code tidy-up routines


PROJEX400 iSERIES (1997-2008)

Now running exclusively on the IBM AS400 and iSeries, the first major revamp saw a rewrite of the majority of RPG code to RPG400 and a slew of new cool tools for the AS400 and iSeries. This was available as shareware for over ten years and hundreds of downloads

IBM Power System running IBM i

PROJEX4i IBM i Systems (2008+)

The latest IBM Midrange system replacing the old AS/400 and iSeries machines included IBM’s new operating system – IBM i. The Projex4i Toolkit has grown over the years and is now completely written in modern RPGLE /Free using the latest SQL and Stored procedure technologies

Projex The New Power Equation

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Make life easier for IBM i Software Developers and System Analysts

Here at Software Projex, we are passionate about developing quality IT solutions for IBM i Power Systems and related web-based technologies.

The PROJEX4i Toolkit is an IBM i command driven set of tools. Easy access from the command line allows developers to repeat functions easily using tools like PDM.

Extensive On-line help text is available against all parameters for each command, and also available from any displayable screen.

Extensive On-line help text is available against all parameters for each command, and also available from any displayable screen.

The toolkit contains many utilities aiding #IBM-i developers and power-users:

  • Source Code Investigation
  • Code development
  • Object Management
  • Database management
  • Documentation
  • Problem determination
  • Debugging
  • Data modeling
  • Impact analysis
  • Time planning and reporting
  • Multi-platform communications tools
  • Source file editing tools
  • and much more!


Taking IBM i Software and Services to the next level

The IBM i Power Systems is the premier choice for businesses small and large. The IBM i Power Systems offer unsurpassed reliability, minimal downtime, low maintenance costs and the flexibility to take advantage of emerging technology. IBM Power Systems can run various operating systems including the successor to the old AS400 and IBM iSeries machines – the operating system is called “IBM i”

With best-in-class operational reliability (99.999% availability in all tests) and total software compatibility with all previous generations of IBM software — it is just as comfortable seamlessly executing old AS400 applications as it is hosting websites and interfacing with any cloud based system out there.


I've been using PROJEX4I since the AS400 days, back when it was called PGMRAID400. I coudn't work without the File Editor and DSPFLD/DSPKEY tools. The JBA *LDA thing is better than the JBA one! 

Toby Schofield

3rd Party Software

Learning the IBM i OS from manuals, while using some of the tools in the Projex4i really simplified the ideas of files/logicals/libraries and their SQL variants for me. The WRKTRG tool is excellent!

stefan kudla

Stefan Kudla

Kudla Systems

Free modernization tools, simple to use and regular fixpacks. I've asked for many changes over the last year, adding functions and always had them delivered in the next release. A+ 

IBM i Contractor


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